About us

Real Touch is a wholesaler of artificial trees, plants and flowers. Our company was established in 2014. In 2023 we’re opening our warehouse in the UAE. For 8 years we've served thousands of clients all over the world: from the UAE, the USA, Germany, Israel, Australia, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and others.

Real Touch isn’t a factory. But we work directly with over 150 factories. Now we offer 2000+ different artificial flowers, plants and trees for sale.

Real Touch warehouse is located in Dubai.

Why choose Real Touch?

Real Touch products are the best permanent botanicals which imitate live plants in all details. They not only look incredibly natural, but also feel real.

Real Touch plants and trees are durable and reusable, unlike their natural counterparts. They are made of non-toxic materials and don't have pollen that makes them non-allergic.

You can easily use Real Touch flowers, plants and trees to create incredible floral arrangements for different events and occasions. Real Touch greenery and trees are perfect for both residential and commercial interior design.

Real Touch is monitoring the most up-to-date production techniques to provide our customers with the premium quality and the most life-like trees, plants and flowers.