Yucca elephantipes 87cm in pots- green

id: 2574
4 items per box

Height: 87.0 cm

Material: PVC

Pots height: 14.0 cm

Pots diameter: 18.5 cm

This type of yucca (also known as Spineless Yucca) is available in 3 sizes. They differ in the number of trunks and branches with rosettes of leaves. The material of the leaves is PVC. Beige trunks have a realistic texture. The leaves are green with yellow edges, have a narrow, elongated, wavy shape and sharp ends. Each leaf has a wire inside to adjust its shape and curve. There are short dry leaves between the trunks and leaves . The leaves have an imitation of white powdery coating, which makes the color more complex.
Price: AED 278.00