Artificial San Pedro Cactus Trichocereus 50cm - green

id: 2483
6 items in box / 1 small boxes per large / 6 pcs in large box

Height: 50.0 cm

Material: Plastic

Non-separable cactus Trichocereus 50cm tall. The elongated trunks are made of plastic. They are not heavy as they are hollow inside. The shape, texture, dusty coating of the trunks, as well as close-set light needles are exactly like those of a real Trichocereus. Our needles are absolutely not prickly, as they are made of PVC. The open part of the black technical planter is decorated with a layer of small sand-colored pebbles, which are firmly glued and do not crumble. Trichocereus is also available in sizes 113cm and 150cm.
Price: AED 110.00