Real Touch Areca Chrysalidocarpus Palm 150cm - green

id: 2189
4 items per box

Height: 150.0 cm

Material: Soft plactic

Pots height: 17.5 cm

Pots diameter: 21.0 cm

Lush palm trees made of soft plastic are as similar as possible to the real ones. Trunks, stems and leaves amaze with their realistic shape, rough texture and color transitions. The leaves are light green above and darker below. Trunks and branches are of different size and thickness. All leaves are removable, firmly attached to the stems, and can be easily shaped thanks to the wire inside. When the branches are upright, the height of the palms is 10 cm higher. The average diameter of a palm with sprawled branches is 110 cm. The length and width of the largest leaves: 60 x 35 cm.

Price: AED 414.00

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